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SELEX Galileo, a Finmeccanica Company, will be participating in the LAAD Security 2012 exhibition which will take place from the 10th to the 12th of April in Rio de Janiero (Riocentro Exhibition Centre). SELEX Galileo is a leading provider of security and homeland protection sensors, based on leading edge proprietary technologies that can be effectively integrated and networked in a complete situational awareness system. SELEX Galileo has a long tradition of working in Brazil in the military domain, contributing radar and advanced avionics to programmes such as the AMX, the F5 and the Lynx. Most recently the Company’s flagship AESA and M-Scan radars have been selected for a range of fixed wing and UAS platforms. These successes build on SELEX Galileo’s long-term commitment to working in Brazil where the company has in place successful collaborations with two high-calibre local companies.SELEX Galileo is now broadening the applications of its state-of-the-art airborne radars, EO solutions and unmanned systems by making its technology available to leading industrial partners in Brazil, allowing them to leverage on its international experience and heritage to better meet the emerging surveillance requirements of police forces, border security and environmental organisations.To answer future persistent unmanned surveillance requirements, while contributing to the growth of a sovereign independent in-country unmanned surveillance capability, SELEX Galileo is also introducing its platform agnostic integrated sensor mission system SkyISTAR.Furthermore, land based surveillance initiatives for paramilitary and commercial requirements can easily integrate SELEX Galileo’s leading edge sensors (EO, acoustic, RF, Nuclear Biological and Chemical (NBC)) with effective applications in critical asset and civil events security, power infrastructure, oil and gas assets and environment monitoring and protection.“We are delighted with this new opportunity to exhibit our leading edge security and surveillance technologies”, said Paul Boxwell, VP Regional Marketing Americas at SELEX Galileo, adding “Our experience in Brazil has shown that there are many Defence and security companies and Government departments that wish to further develop their high technology capabilities. SELEX Galileo believes that our solutions, developed jointly with these companies to meet Brazilian national requirements, will also assist in both partners targeting wider opportunities in the Latin American region”.Notes to the Editor:Listed below is a description of the key products with applications in the security domain. For additional information, please contact a member of the press office team.SkyISTAR is a mission system solution that will provide advanced sensor capabilities and operational sovereignty to the customer. Platform agnostic and suitable for multi-mission roles, SkyISTAR’s flexible and adaptable architecture will accommodate a variety of sensor combinations and will provide rapid interpretation of the data, delivering valuable and useful information at the right time.EOST 46 is a high performance passive Electro-Optical Surveillance and Tracking system.  The Multi-Sensor Turret is based on a modular payload, containing up to four EO sensors (including propriety thermal imaging, long range TV and zoom cameras for target identification and Laser Range Finder) to meet airborne observation, surveillance and reconnaissance needs.GridKey is a Low Voltage (LV) substation monitoring system that can be fitted to the feeders of an LV substation without interrupting supply to customers. It provides continuous remote monitoring of the substations as well as timely warnings, status and loading information. As a result Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) experience reduced network maintenance costs and significantly increased knowledge of the state of their LV grid.The ASIO Mini Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) is a fully automatic, electrical UAS, specifically designed for "hover and stare" battlefield surveillance, forward scout missions and Special Operation support. The ASIO UAS is man portable in a compact lightweight back-pack, which includes a ground control station and antenna.Crex-B is an advanced micro electrical UAV system providing real-time intelligence capable of autonomous flight, navigation, vertical landing or short track landing. The Micro UAV system is specifically designed for Special Operational and Tactical Forces for "over the hill" and "around the corner" intelligence missions. Crex-B is electrically powered and is ready to fly for a new mission in a few minutes.DRAKO vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) is an electrical quad-rotor system capable of autonomous and semi-autonomous flight, hovering and obstacle avoidance to provide reconnaissance and surveillance information. DRAKO delivers flexibility, reliability, safety and quick delivery and the on board pan-tilt cameras for day and night operations make DRAKO particularly well suited for urban operations.Gabbiano is a family of surveillance radar developed by SELEX Galileo to meet the need for protection, patrolling and surveillance missions over ground, sea and along coastlines in all weather conditions. The high modularity and flexibility of the radar family in conjunction with low power consumption allows for operation on-board fixed and rotary wing platforms. The Gabbiano has already been selected by five customers.NEXSENSE C is a man-portable chemical detection and identification system (NBC) that enables rapid and robust on-scene analysis of chemical agents from airborne samples. Utilising cutting edge Field Asymmetric Ion Mobility Spectrometry (FAIMS) technology combined with intelligent data processing and advanced algorithms, NEXSENSE C can conduct full atmospheric analysis with automatic agent recognition.The PicoSAR Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) radar provides superior all-weather SAR/GMTI capability for Unmanned Aerial Systems and fixed and rotary wing platforms. The array utilises low power, solid state Transmit Receive Modules (TRM) and delivers outstanding reliability. The flexibility of AESA technology allows the radar antenna to be resized to address specific platform constraints. Demonstrated on a number of fixed and rotary wing platforms, PicoSAR has been selected by four international customers.Seaspray 5000E Multi-Mode Surveillance Radar is the lightest member of the Seaspray AESA radar family and employs the same common processor, coupled with a compact state-of-the-art AESA antenna to deliver a leading edge capability covering air-to-surface and air-to-air environments. Developed and demonstrated in a series of helicopter and fixed wing aircraft trials, it can be installed onto a wide range of manned and unmanned aircraft and has been selected by one international customer.



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